vineri, 9 mai 2008

A presentation of Handy Taskman

As a freelance software developer for Nokia phones I often find myself in the situation where the program I'm testing goes into an infinite loop (which I forgot to close because I was in a hurry ;)). If I try to close it by pressing and holding the menu key and pressing the "C" key on it, it usually doesnt' work. Then I started using Handy Taskman, a taskmanager with the ability to kill processes, and many other useful features. That made my life a lot easier.

So I made a video in which I show the application. Enjoy!

Guardian - phone theft's new nemesis

A new version of Guardian, an anti-theft software for mobile phones, will be available for S60 3rd edition devices starting Monday (I'm one of the lucky ones that gets to preview it :)). It comes in 3 flavours: Free, Gold and Platinum.

Guardian is a program that is meant to prevent unwanted access to someone's phone. To put it shortly, it has two major functions: SIM validator and application protector.

You have to provide a security code that will be used to gain access to protected applications and to Guardian itself, so only those who know the code may disable it.
You can set the time after which applications will be protected and the text of the SMS that will be sent to the recipient's number (which you also define) if the SIM card is changed. And of course there's the list of applications which you want to protect with the security code.
There's also the ability to view the phone's whereabouts if it has a built-in GPS, but I didn't have the means to try this due to technical reasons.

All in all it's a very good piece of software and I definitely recommend it.

marți, 6 mai 2008

Nokia Headlines from Beta Labs

Nokia Channels just got "re-packaged and re-branded" to quote Tommi Vilkamo. And indeed the difference is noticeable.

The UI is different (and better, in my opinion) than that of the old Channels application.

See the Beta Labs blog entry for more information and a download link.