joi, 28 februarie 2008

A very small but illustrative Python app

I've made another Python application, very small, and am listing the source code here to show how easy it is to write programs in Python. This is a currency converter that converts EUR to USD and vice-versa.

Download it here (remember it's unsigned). Or, better yet, there's no need to download it, just try the code as a script.

Here is the code:

import appuifw, e32, graphics
from graphics import *

def quit():
def convert():
choice=appuifw.popup_menu([u"EUR to USD", u"USD to EUR"])
x=appuifw.query(u"Type the sum", "number")
appuifw.popup_menu([u"%f" % (x*1.473)])
x=appuifw.query(u"Type the sum", "number")
appuifw.popup_menu([u"%f" % (x/1.473)])"Converter Lite"[(u"Convert", convert), (u"Exit", quit)]'normal',240))
def handle_redraw(rect):canvas.blit(imgi)
canvas=appuifw.Canvas(event_callback=None, redraw_callback=handle_redraw)


miercuri, 20 februarie 2008

Nokia Text Messenger beta

A pretty nice app has made its way to the group of published beta applications of Nokia Beta Labs: Nokia Text Messenger.

Essentially, it's a Windows Vista gadget that lets you read, reply, forward and delete messages from your phone on the PC. You can even write new ones.

Oh, and before I forget: you have to have PC Suite 6.85 or later for it to work. Nseries PC Suite or earlier version will only result in an error upon installation.

luni, 18 februarie 2008

Some examples of what can be done in Python

Jürgen Scheible has made some very interesting projects with the help of his students. Using PyS60 they created various mobile phone applications. See for yourself :)

marți, 12 februarie 2008

Nokia at the Mobile World Congress 2008

Nokia announced three new handsets at the Congress (two of which have 5 megapixel cameras). Here's the lowdown:

Nokia N96 with its 16GB of extendable memory (!) and DVB-H

Nokia N78 which packs a 3.2 megapixel camera and a high quality display

Nokia 6220 classic with Xenon flash.