marți, 6 mai 2008

Nokia Headlines from Beta Labs

Nokia Channels just got "re-packaged and re-branded" to quote Tommi Vilkamo. And indeed the difference is noticeable.

The UI is different (and better, in my opinion) than that of the old Channels application.

See the Beta Labs blog entry for more information and a download link.

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It is cool.

sharyl spunea...

Surfing through my RSS reader, I saw that the Nokia Beta Labs have posted updates to 2 of the lesser-known apps over there. The Nokia PC Phone application and Channels service both received sizable updates, along with several bug fixes. PC Phone is a desktop app that allows you to control your phone from your web browser. This update adds quite a few key features, such as the ability to delete a call log entry. There are more ‘doing something’ status indicators available, and they’ve changed so you can force a full refresh with the browser’s refresh key.

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