luni, 24 decembrie 2007

Merry Christmas!

It's December 24th, Christmas eve. In the last 3 months this blog has had over 500 visitors, which is the main reason I'm posting this. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for coming, catching up on the latest mobile news and making this project worthwhile.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and nothing but joy and fulfilment in the new year. See you in 2008!

marți, 4 decembrie 2007

Nokia Internet Radio (beta)

Tommi at has news of a new, mature beta app, Nokia Internet Radio.
Basically it uses the Internet to search and stream music from stations worldwide. You can browse by genre, country and language.
I tried it with WLAN and WAP connections, and the latter did not allow me to connect to stations.
You can download it, and get some more info, here:

duminică, 2 decembrie 2007

ExtremeCalc 1.0

My first Python app! I'm so proud of myself.
ExtremeCalc is a [pretty] complex calculator packed with functions. It's designed with everyone in mind: it has a Basic profile for quick and simple operations, and a Scientific profile for complex and advanced operations. Here's the story:

1. Installation instructions:
-If you haven't already, install "PythonForS60_1_4_1_3rdEd" and then "PythonScriptShell_1_4_1_3rdEd" to your phone's memory
-Install "ExtremeCalc.sis" to phone or memory card
-Copy the image "NokiaMobileBlog.jpg" to your Python folder on the phone

2. Description:
ExtremeCalc is a list-based calculator (you don't have to scroll over buttons and press them, just select the operations from lists). To enter numbers, press and hold the keys. In the main menu, there are the following options
-Calculator - we'll discuss this below
-Instructions - displays a brief description of the functions of the program
-About - displays version, author (yours truly :)) etc.
-Exit - exits the app *

"Calculator" is the main function, and it has this submenu:
-Operations - mathematical operations, see below
-Trigonometry - calculates functions like sin, cos, and arcfunctions (arctg, arcsin etc.) in radians, degrees or grads.
-Memory - shows, modifies or clears your memorised number, if there is one. You can memorise any number or result (in version 1.0 of ExtremeCalc just one)
-Clear sheet - all the operations you do are shown, for verifying later, on a white background. If you finish one set of operations and wish to start another, you should clear the background first so the new results won't be written literraly on top of the old ones (I'm looking into a solution for this)
-Back - returns you to the main window, so to speak

Operations has 2 profiles, Basic and Scientific, and an Expression evaluator.
-Basic is for quick, simple operations like adding, multiplying, square root etc. Here, like in Scientific and trigonometry, you can type the desired number, or import it from memory (if you have memorised it). Once you do an operation, a list is displayed showing the result, "Memorise" and "Quit". Select the result to continue using it in operations, "Memorise" to memorise the result or "Quit" to finish this session of operations.
-Scientific is pretty much the same, except it offers special operations and numbers.
-Expression asks that you enter a sequence of operations (3*(2+4)-5 for example) and calculates the result.

UPDATE: The non-functional exit situation has been fixed. Program now closes when right softkey is pressed or "Exit" is selected. The download link has been updated.

ExtremeCalc has been tested on my N95 and is compatible with all S60 3rd Edition devices. You can download it from here. And if you find other bugs or have ideas for improvement, please leave them as comments on this blog.
Important: This is an unsigned version. You have to sign it yourself (get a account and read this article