marți, 17 februarie 2009

The N86 - Nokia's first 8 megapixel phone

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia announced its first 8 megapixel monster (more like a critter actually): the N86.


The only words that come to my mind after seeing the Samsung i8910 are "too little, too late". But let's not get too incisive. This is a step forward for Nokia. A small one, but at least it's in the right direction. The N86 comes with improvements in a few areas (very fast CPU, 8MP camera, Flash Lite 3.1, a good battery and a load of Java APIs) and one obvious downgrade: the 2.6" screen.

All in all it's very good that Nokia have finally decided to step into the 8MP arena. I'm sure we will see a true flagship device from them again, in time.

More photos of the N86 can be found here.